Terms of Service

Although we offer our website design and marketing services on a ‘no contact’ basis these are the terms of service you accept by making payments to Hashtag Search Marketing.

They are designed to ensure a smooth relationship between yourselves and ourselves.

  1. You can cancel at anytime by letting us know. If you cancel within the first 6 months of the first payment made to ourselves and want to transfer the domain name away there may be a charge for the time and work involved in transferring the domain to the new host plus any other cost incurred to ourselves through building the website.
  2. If you want to transfer the entire website away during the first 12 months you may be offered a price to take the site that will be in line with the discount you originally got on having the website designed.
  3. Cancelling payment to ourselves without prior warning immediately terminates the service we offer you and we are no longer responsible for marketing the website or keeping it hosted and may result in the site being deleted.
  4. Hashtag Search Marketing reserve the right to decide who we partner with on our website services.
  5. Cancelling our services within the first 6 months after work has begun on the website means that a refund can not be given as we have invested more in having the site designed than you will have paid.
  6. Cancelling the website service without prior warning and after several attempts to contact you without reply may involve us finding a new buyer for your website and domain name in a bid to recover our lost revenues.